Retro-inspired computersounds for inspired retropersons. A soundtrack for the end of the world.

New Album: Capacitor – Released 5/24


With darkened skies in the daytime, the city has not had rest in years. Hollow skyscrapers loom, emblazoned with the scars of long-cooled structure fires from the great fragmentation. A renegade human technologist seeks to unite the remaining humans in an uprising against the machines.

Bad Guys Get Dead is a multi-instrumentalist and multimedia producer hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Bringing dramatic and cinematic electronic music with a distinct reverence for nostalgia, expect a wide range of genres and timbres. Many of Bad Guys Get Dead’s artworks pull inspiration from video gaming and classic science fiction concepts.

The debut album Magmasquid3D (Original Game Soundtrack) alludes to the golden age of 16-bit videogaming, while singles like The Treatments and Television and the Phosphor & Resistor EPs pay homage to the cyber horror and realities of runaway technology. Most compositions have a particular lean towards the dystopian, with a tendency to build tension using cinematic score structures.

Resistor an EP of heavy cyberpunk and darksynth music, was distributed on an amnesiac encrypted device that seeded the EP on BitTorrent for free. As long as the device went undiscovered out in public, it would provide the album.

The latest full album, Capacitor, features high-energy tracks spanning genres such as Outrun, Progressive House, Darksynth, Metal, Chillsynth, Synthwave, and Cyberpunk, showcasing a huge sound.

A soundtrack for the end of the world.

“Be kind to one another, and do not trust your technology.”

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Released: 5/24/2024
Type: LP
Format: Digital Download, Streaming