It’s nearly the turn of the millennium. An unknown technology has completely ravaged the city! Cybernetic police patrol the streets and often choose violent suppression. The Protagonist, a member of an all-but-eradicated human resistance, must get equipped to find the source of the corruption and stop it!

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Track listing & Story Elements

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1. Menu

Logo fanfare and menu music, select your game type or exit. You are The Protagonist.

2. Factory Approach

The Protagonist must navigate the city’s dangerous industrial section while avoiding or destroying the violent and cybernetically enhanced police force.

3. The Factory

Interior, a fiery spark-filled battle robot factory. The Protagonist must find a suit of nanotech cyber armor in order to survive the coming trials. The suit assembly line is protected by a massive corrupt industrial machine.

4. City Street

Having destroyed the machine, now equipped with nano armor, The Protagonist must race through the city center to reach the scientific district. Resistance rumor claims a holodisk with a non-purged copy of human history is to be held in a vault at the spaceport.

5. The Port

Stealth: The Protagonist must enter the spaceport and locate the historical holodisk to learn what truly happened in the past. What unleashed this technology on the city? The spaceport is unmanned but has heavy fortifications and anti-intrusion countermeasures.

6. Leaving Earth

Upon acquiring the holodisk, The Protagonist learns of a cataclysmic event in 1986 that all but destroyed the city. The disk is partially corrupt but speaks of “the awakening” and great upheaval and destruction. An ally found hiding in the launch bay reports of another undamaged holodisk on an abandoned experimental lab in space. The Protagonist commandeers a spacecraft and heads for space.

7. Space Walk

The ship attempts to dock but the access codes are denied. The Protagonist must exit the ship, moor it for a return trip and navigate the surface of the exterior of the station to find entry. The view is beautiful and dangerous.

8. Space Station

Finding a maintenance entrance airlock, The Protagonist enters the facility. No initial signs of life, but the walls and ceilings are pocked with laser burns. A series of treacherous environmental hazards must be navigated. Finding the missing holodisk in the archive unveils the discovery of an ancient leviathan awakening in a cave under the city. Shadow organizations tried to use cybernetics to control the beast, but only angered it. The coordinates in spacetime are learned. This station was a lab to study time manipulation. A rift device is acquired which can allow The Protagonist to rip back into the past to destroy the beast. Hopefully, it works.

9. Into the Time Rift

An experimental and unstable rift device is now affixed to The Protagonist’s commandeered ship. This begins a violent trip through time back to the distant past of 1985.

10. Re-Entry

The ship has taken heavy damage from the violent trip thru the rift, The Protagonist must be sure it holds together thru the descent back to earth.

11. City Street (1985)

The City in it’s final sunset: Metallic simulated trees line each road, this was the golden era of technology, before it turned against us. The Protagonist must reach a nondescript abandoned subway tunnel access hatch that will lead into the lair of the now-awoken and quite angry Cybernetic Magmasquid.

12. Blood Cavern

Hundreds if not thousands of scientists and soldiers lay slain here. The subway tunnel opens into a large chasm, the smell of sulfur and the glow of magma are everywhere. Is this hell itself? What was that noise? The Protagonist removes her helmet and charges a plasma rifle.

13. Endgame

The Magmasquid attacks. The leviathan has long fiery tentacles and it’s cybernetic implants around it’s one large eye have given it the ability to focus heat into a beam that can melt any shelter The Protagonist hopes to find. She must find a way to destroy the beast before it’s able to find it’s way out of it’s stone prison deep in the earth.

14. Fanfare

Yay! You did it! YOU HAVE DEFEATED THE MAGMASQUID! Here’s a big triumphant song and a free sports car! Everyone is proud of you, you decide to stay in 1985 because you like the aesthetic.

“Holy Hell, look at that squid made of magma!” – The Protagonist